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Landscape Lighting

Developing the home’s exterior can improve its functionality, efficiency, and curb appeal. When you are done with the process, you will most likely feel that you have moved into a new home. Home improvement can either be performed alone or with the help of professional contractors, and this can be an exciting transformation for homeowners. Many people hesitate about doing exterior remodeling or renovating. Aside from being costly, you need to spend time and effort doing the job. Mostly, people will just hire someone to do it for them. Home improvements typically include upgrading backyards, replacing windows and doors, and replacing roof-tear-off. These are all risky and very tough to handle. However, there are a few renovations that you can take alone. The outdoor lighting fixture is the best example. There are several areas outside your home into which you can fit your lights. You need to consider a few things before making significant improvements.

1. Find the Right Lighting

Gooseneck Outdoor lighting is ideally the best option to use. Aside from illumination, it also creates a dimensional view of the exterior accent of the house. It can also withstand bad weather conditions. Gooseneck outdoor lighting comes in various styles, sizes, and shapes. Just make sure that your exterior lights match the color and design of the house. Always ensure adequate light to illuminate the driveway and garage doors, which is the primary purpose of your Gooseneck Outdoor lighting. San Antonio Residential Electricians

2. Good Wiring system
Avoid entangling with wires. Sometimes it causes trouble and accidents once the wiring is not well organized. If you do not know the existing setup of your wiring outside your house, you need to have someone look at it and let him do the installation. Avoid confusing yourself with the setup. You can install your gooseneck outdoor lighting devices with a sound wiring system.

3. Screw in Tightly
When you have fitted your lights, ensure that they are screwed in tightly to the ceiling or walls. Sometimes, we leave the screws only partially tightened, which sometimes creates accidents. Always insert screw plugs into the walks to give the screw something to cling to. Once you make it sturdy, you can install your sconces or your Gooseneck Outdoor lighting. We will gladly give you a free estimate. Texas residents can contact us by phone or email.

Mosquito Control – Let’s Get Rid Of Them Bloodsuckers

Mosquito Control – Let’s Get Rid Of Them Bloodsuckers

Everyone on earth hates mosquitoes. Not only do they bite you and cause irritating itchy bites, but the can transmit dangerous and deadly diseases and viruses to you or your pets. Some of these include West Nile virus, yellow fever, and malaria. You must consider a mosquito control system to lower your risk of getting bit by a mosquito. There are several mosquito control systems on the market. Let us look at a few. More on this website

The first mosquito control system we will look at is the Mosquito Magnet. The Mosquito Magnet is a great mosquito control system that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and in all weather conditions. It emits carbon dioxide (what humans and animals exhale that initially attracts mosquitoes to them) and other attractants. The mosquito gets attracted to it, falls for the trap, and gets sucked into it, where it will eventually die. The mosquito Magnet effectively controls mosquitoes in 1 square acre or more. It is inexpensively priced between $379 and $1000, depending on how big of an area you want to protect. More info here

The next mosquito control system you may like is called Mosquito Management Systems. This system consists of a weather-resistant 24-hour timer, heavy-duty motor, reservoir, pump, and spray nozzles. It uses a synchronized spray that evenly distributes pesticides over the entire area you install it in. Each nozzle sprays a fine mist that creates a blanket over the installed area. This then traps all flying insects and does not allow them a chance to escape. The mist hangs in the air for 2-4 minutes. This means that it will also kill everything that flies through it during that time. The system is made to spray at scheduled times of your choosing each day and night for specific durations. This is so it can destroy the insect population within the area you had it installed. The cost of this system varies on how big of an area you need to have protected. However, if you are unsatisfied with it, you can return it within 90 days for a full refund. Refills of the poison are $200 if you have an installer do it or $140 if you do it yourself. You will also be glad to know that the system has a lifetime warranty.

Those were the two best mosquito control systems out on the market today. Mosquito control is a very important thing that should not be avoided. Your family and your pet’s health depend on proper mosquito control. With one of these great mosquito control systems, you are sure to pull it off.

Residential Electricians – Services – Tips

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Electrical savings

Every winter, electricity consumption increases. But plenty of simple tricks can lower energy consumption at home.

Every year, an average household can dispose of 3,000-6,000 kWh of household electricity. In addition, up to 15,000 kWh for heating and 6,000 kWh for hot water are added to the villas.

It is possible to reduce electricity consumption through fairly simple measures significantly. Here we list some of them:
1. Lower the indoor temperature. One degree reduces energy use by about five percent.
2. Have new sealing strips around windows and doors.
3. Fold-down blinds or blinds during winter nights to keep it warm.
4. Use energy-efficient lighting. LED and low-energy lamps are considerably more energy-efficient and last longer. Each replaced lamp provides energy savings.
5. Turn off the light. There is no more electricity when you turn it on and off frequently. Get hours or motion sensors to ensure the light is only on when you are there.
6. Unplug any chargers or other adapters when not in use.
7. Use energy-saving mode on your TV and computer if such a function exists.
8. Do not use standby mode on devices older than five years.
9. Turn off underfloor heating and towel rail when not needed.
10. Set the correct temperature in the refrigerator (+5 degrees) and freezer (-18 degrees). Make sure the doors close tightly.
11. Clean the back of the fridge several times a year.
12. Thaw frozen food in the fridge before cooking—the fringe benefits of the cold in frozen food.
13. Use a kettle that draws less energy than the built-in burner.
14. Cook with a lid and choose the right size of the saucepan. It can save 80 percent of the energy.
15. Use the microwave instead of the cooker/oven when cooking less food.
16. Wash at 40 degrees instead of 60 degrees whenever possible. It can almost halve energy consumption.
17. Use the highest centrifugation, which is the most effective way to dry your clothes. Or hang up your clothes if you have time.
18. Air dry the laundry outdoors if possible. A dryer pulls up to four times more electricity than a washing machine, a drying cabinet eight times as much.
19. Using a dishwasher draws less energy than washing by hand. However, the disk cost becomes higher because the dishwasher detergent is about ten times more expensive than hand dishwashing detergent. So make a summary of how you do it.
20. Be sure to fill the dishwasher correctly. It can consume almost as much energy half full as full.
21. Water-saving taps and showerheads can almost halve your hot water usage. How often and how long you shower also affects energy consumption.
22. Check the energy label when buying new appliances. The operating cost is up to 80% of the total cost of an appliance’s life. A glass-ceramic burner draws about 20 percent less than one with a cast iron plate. An induction cooker draws 40 percent less.