Too Much of Antibiotics can Make your Kid Fat


Antibiotics are considered as life saving medicine. It should not be given to kids unless and until the physician prescribes. Several studies and researches have proved that overdosage or antibiotics can cause health issues. It can result in several health concerns that you may not even that it is a side effect of your antibiotics. It is given in strict dosage for kids and adults. If it has been prescribed for kids, it is necessary to check the dosage is in the limit.

Antibiotic resistant superbugs are estimated to kill thousands of patients every year. One of the major hazardous threats in the United States is the antibiotic resistance. It has estimated that about 23,000 people are dying every year because of the direct effect of infections like clostridium difficile and MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus).

Now, a new research has proved overdosage or exposure to antibiotics has chances to result in another problem. Weight gain could be the result of overdosage of antibiotics.

antibiotics1-300x3001The research was done on a large study rate. Some of the researchers of John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have discovered that children who are subjected to take antibiotics throughout their childhood stage have chances to gain weight faster than kids who do not take antibiotics. The results were published clearly in one of the journals- The International Journal of Obesity.

One of the professors in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences – Dr. Brian Schwartz joined with his team to analyze the health records of the children. He evaluated health records of children between the age groups of three and eighteen. He evaluated about 160,000 children’s records from the year 2001 to 2012. The team collected information on weight and height to find out the body mass index (BMI). They also collected details regarding antibiotics given in their early years or their previous year from the available health records.

Schwartz concluded that the findings showed exposure to antibiotics for children have chances to face weight gain issues at the young age. In the records, some of the antibiotics details were not recorded, and some of the antibiotics found to be stronger than the other.

Scientists know that antibiotics support weight increase in animals. It is the reason livestock animals in modern farms have increased weight.

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