Paul Ryan Demands More than others

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington February 10, 2011. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS)

Paul Ryan is one of the members of the Republican Party and an American Politician. He worked as Chairman of the House Budget Committee from the year 2011 to 2015. At present, Americans enjoy the best and front seat row position to occupy the highest profile job discussions they have ever seen.

Paul Ryan has shared his demands list before being appointed as the speaker of the House. The demands were large, and it will include things that only a few applicants will dare to speak about: Congressional rule change and party unity. One of the demands that most workers can agree with is he needs time to spend with his kids.

Ryan cited that he did not want the job early because of one hundred days travel schedule for a year. He says he wanted the cut back as a speaker. He wanted to visit his kids during the weekends.

paul-ryan-thumbs-up-300x300Some people have aimed to take Ryan position. Ryan has an excellent name as a congressman. It is the reason he is demanding extra flexibility. Amanda Terkel has mentioned that hundreds and millions of American workers do not even enjoy paid leave. Bryce Covert in ThinkProgress has mentioned that Ryan has asked his demands that are deceitful. It can remain flexible for himself but makes harder for low income families.

However, we have to view the matter on both sides. When more men like Ryan comes forward with such demands, then there are chances to affect the gender wage break. In recent years, the concept of men remaining equal partners has become common. It does not mean that women should take up the entire home responsibilities and men do only his job duties. Ryan has negotiated with his pay. He is paid about $223,5000 per year. If he gets a promotion, he is willing to negotiate for fewer responsibilities and a flexible work schedule. In simple words, he wanted to balance his work life and family life in an equal manner.

Ryan has included several policy proposals and budgets that denote deep spending cuts. Certain major cuts remain as an important contrivance for poor parents – child care subsidies.

The cost of child care is too high which it can easily after a parent’s income. When it comes to low income parents, they will be the first person to get affected due to skyrocketing child care cost.

Child care is helpful where the parents can leave their kids while they are away from home or at home. They do not have to depend on unsafe and unstable arrangements or family members to take care of their child. If the cost of child care is too high, the poor parents have to stay back from office to manage their child. It will remain as a tough decision since they could not continue their work.

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