Custom Made Invisalign Aligner For Your Perfect Smile

The Making of Invisalign®

There is a lot to be said about the Invisalign system and the many benefits that can give patients seeking a way to straighten their teeth without the hassles of more traditional methods. Invisalign® is a clear, removable aligner that can be slipped on and off at your convenience and it will effectively straighten our teeth. Invisalign results and treatment process are so effortless that it almost seems like magic. Invisalign’s “magic” starts with computer software and innovation. Invisalign was first conceptualized by a computer scientist named Zia Chisti, who wanted to create an aligner that would correct his shifted teeth after not maintaining his retainers post-treatment with braces. Today, Invisalign has become the preferred teeth straightening system over traditional braces because of its convenience and results. Read on to discover how technology comes together to create a special product that is personalized to your own moral code.clear braces - aligner trays - Invisalign

Creating the Aligners

The first steps in creating your personalized aligners is taking X-rays, photographs, and bite registrations of your teeth. Impressions are then made and sent to Align Technology to be scanned by a topography scanner. Align technology is the company that manufactures Invisalign and other Invisalign products. Once the impressions are scanned, a 3D presentation of your teeth can be visualized on a computer screen.

Computer technicians then use computer software called Treat, which will create the various stages of aligners that will encompass your treatment. Aligners made depends upon your treatment plan, but can range from 6-48 aligners. Another software called Coincheck is then used by doctors to allow them access in tweaking or altering the aligners before the manufacturing process.

The manufacturing process utilizes another computer software called CAD-CAM or computer-aided-design and computer-aided manufacturing. This software first creates molds of your aligners that will be made out of a photosensitive liquid resin, that when exposed to laser, turns into a hard plastic. Aligners are then made from a thermoplastic material that will produce the virtually invisible results that Invisalign is famous for.

Aligners are intended to be worn for 20 hours a day, which allows you 4 hours to manage your time accordingly. Each aligner will move .33 millimeters for your 2-3 week treatment segments. Being able to have the freedom to take of your teeth straightening system is truly a gift because it saves you from the embarrassment of having to be in social situations with a mouth full of metal braces. Treatment of Invisalign lasts only up to 13.5 months which is half the time it takes braces to complete its treatment.Invisalign treatment

We strive to provide our patients with the most technologically advanced dental products, and Invisalign is no exception. Invisalign is growing as the most desired and popular teeth straightening system due to its multiple benefits. The Invisalign system is a product that is created with computer technology, which produces a system that is calculated and precise. If you have any further questions regarding Invisalign or would like to discuss your Invisalign options and candidacy, please contact our San Antonio Orthodontist for your FREE, no-obligation consultation today! We look forward to hearing from you.