Joe Biden Ends his Political Career


Biden was working as a lawyer before entering the politics. In 2008, his presidential campaign did not gain momentum. Barack Obama, who is a Democratic nominee, selected Joe Biden as his running assistant.

Biden did his college in the University of Delaware. He studied political science and history and also played football. He had once admitted that he spent the first two years in college by showing interests to parties, girls and football than academics.

Joe Biden is the current and forty seventh Vice President of the United States. He was elected along with President Barack Obama twice.

Joe Biden has decided to end up his political career. When he announced about his exit, it made the public clear that he is not curious about the President position. He thanked the audience for supporting him and remained good to him all through these years. He told Good Bye for his political position on Wednesday at the Rose Garden, Washington.

Joe Biden, Michael BloombergDuring his speech, he mentioned that we should not consider the Republicans as enemies. The Republicans are the opposition party, and it is necessary to work with them for the welfare of the country. He repeated the sentence several times – compromise does not mean a bad word. He spoke deliberately asking questions like how the country could function without agreement and how it is possible to go ahead when you could not arrive at an agreement.

He had actually indirectly pointed Hillary Clinton since she has referred several times that Republicans are her enemies. Biden told that he often listen to the words of Mansfield for the only reason that he is the leader of the party. He added that several senators do not even care or hear a word from their leaders and ensure to do things on themselves. They will try to make a name on social media and television by acting on own. It does not mean that you have to keep depending on the leaders to develop.

Biden’s idea was clearly known, and it would have remained interested to watch Biden run a campaign with the same idea. Biden gave a speech as he was ending the career. Though he could not approach to the next President position, he has the talent to inject the ambition into the contest.

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